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DealDoc App

DealDoc is created by field sales for field sales. Have you ever gotten the bad news on a deal and said, “I wish I saw that coming?” This is your app to see all the areas that could trip you up in one place.


Discover, share, and get coaching, all in one place. Never be blindsided by a deal again.

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Why DealDoc?

It can be really hard to objectively look at your own deals, and oftentimes your leader doesn’t know the right questions to ask you to help you determine where your blind spots are.


In my career, there were very few leaders who could help me see around the corner and determine a problem in my deal before it happened. The ones that could were magicians. They could ask all the right questions, and then work with me to figure out what to do to get my deal moving forward and to develop the right strategy to win.

That is why I created DealDoc! It will ask you all those magical questions to help you figure out where your blind spots are, and then offer a full video series on how to close those gaps. Once you find your gaps, you can share them with your leader or friends and point them right at the problem areas so they can help you win. Or, if you don’t have the right resources, you can book a meeting with your own DealDoctor to help you build that winning strategy.

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The Areas DealDoc Covers

the pain someone has in their sales opportunity

The Pain & Problem

Do we have a clearly defined problem with ripple effects that can be carried across the business?

building a business case for change

Business Case

What is it, who has challenged it, how does it align with executive priorities, and is it designed to drive urgency?

aligning the right solution to your buyer

Solution Alignment

Is the solution to the problem the right one, aligned with how the buyer wants to solve the problem, and is this agreed upon across all stakeholders?

knowing your competition


Is it status quo, build v. buy, priority, or named competitors? Do we know what battle we're really fighting?

knowing the key stakeholders and champions in your deal

& Champions

Do we know who the influencers, champions, blockers, technical buyers, and economic buyers are? Have we tailored the right journey for each of them?

creating executive alignment

Executive Alignment

Who, how, and when? Let’s make sure we have alignment with those in power.

understanding the contracting process

Contracting Process

What is the process and how long will it take? Let’s get your forecast accuracy down to the day.


understanding a companies buying process

Buying Process

Do we understand this, have an agreement on it, and are we on track with it? This is all about forecast accuracy and winning when we say we will.

You now have your very own deal coach in your pocket whenever you need one!

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