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a company with a framework to manage sales opportunties

Lack of Deal Framework

Are you lacking a common language, set of questions, and lens you use to evaluate the health of all your deals?

lack of ability to forecast sales opportunities

Poor Forecast Accuracy

Is winning or losing when you say you will like a flip of a coin? Do you need to get to >80% forecast accuracy?

lack of confidence in your sales opportunity

No Deal Confidence

Are your deals like Swiss cheese. with lots of holes, gaps, and blind spots? Do you have difficulty getting more than surface-level information from your sellers?

not having clarity on sales opportunties

Lack of Clarity

Do you have trouble seeing where your trouble areas are and determining what actions need to take place in each deal to fix problems, prevent stalls, and win faster?

Deal Coaching for Businesses

What does deal coaching look like for your business?

Custom Framework

We will build a custom framework for how your business approaches deals. Using common methodologies like MEDDIC, MEDDICC, MEDDPICC, BANT, SPIN, SPICED, and others, we will help you pick the right methodology to inspect deals based on your unique sales process. We will then work with you to evaluate appropriate CRM criteria and design a field coaching guide that aligns with the correct methodology.


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