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a companies sales process and all the stages of the sales process

Need to Ramp Salespeople Faster

Does onboarding and ramping up new salespeople pose challenges in your organization?

Lack of Clarity

Do you or your team lack clarity on what to do next across pieces of your selling motion?

Losing Deals You Should Win

Do you find yourself saying,"We should have won that, we were a great fit for them?"

Lack of Consistency

Is everyone doing everything differently and replicating success proving difficult?

Sales Process

Big Picture

The main goal of this engagement will be to build a repeatable sales process and a model playbook. In this engagement, we will work together to define all the components of your GTM strategy and then together document each of those. 

Strategic Pillars

GTM Strategy

Where should revenue come from?

Sales Process Design

What are the steps and stages?

ICP Definition

What makes a good account to sell to?


Who should we sell to, and what problems do we solve for them?

Value Proposition

Why should they care?

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