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Sales Technology Selection

Do you need a strategic partner to navigate the complexities of sales technology selection?

a person struggling to figure out what sales technology they should use
a person struggling to pick the right sales technology

Decision Fatigue

Do all vendors sound and look alike, making it hard to choose?

a company struggling with adoption of sales technology

Adoption Issues

Are you worried that your people won't use the technology you buy?

a person wasting time picking the wrong sales technology

Wasted Work

Are you tired of doing all the legwork just to have internal misalignment and budget rejection?

a company that is confident in the sales technology they bought

Price Confidence

Are you worried about whether you got the best deal you could have?

  • Stakeholder Interview to Define the Problem
    We will speak with the end-users for whom we are solving the problem, their leaders, the team that will need to support the deployment, and the executive sponsor of the project. Together, we will define the problem, needed features and functions, discuss potential costs and the business impact of the deployment, and seek executive support for the project.
  • Business Case Building
    One of the main reasons people are unable to gain executive sponsorship for projects is because they don't have a CFO-ready business case. In this phase, we will ensure that we define the problem, align it with company goals, map the people and processes that will be improved, and define the outcomes of the change. With this information, we will support the creation of a financial business case to justify the internal deployment of the solution.
  • Process Flow Design
    In order to understand the problem and align the correct solution, you need to understand the processes that the solution impacts. We will interview the people who will be day-to-day users of the future-state solution, understand exactly how they do the work today, create a flowchart that includes a time-in-motion analysis, and then incorporate the new technology's impact on that process.
  • Feature Function Mapping
    What do you really need in a solution to solve the problems uncovered? What would be nice to have? What tradeoffs would be acceptable based on the vendors we find and the cost? We'll use this to create an internal scorecard to make it easy to weigh the different vendors across all needed factors to determine the right one easily.
  • Solution Scorecard Creation
    We will take everything we have learned about your decision criteria and create a scorecard to keep the team aligned.
  • Stakeholder Alignment
    We will review all steps up to this point with the entire team to ensure everyone is on the same page with the evaluation process. This prevents issues when we go to vendor selection.
  • Vendor Analysis
    Based on your criteria, we will pick 3-4 vendors that should fit the needed criteria and begin an evaluation process with them.
  • Demo Review
    We will participate in the vendor's sales process to be an objective voice, ask needed questions, and ensure your best interests are looked out for.
  • Vendor Scoring
    After all solutions are reviewed, we will objectively score them with you, and meet with the team to assist in the decision making process.
  • Vendor Selection & Negotiation
    Having worked at leading sales tech firms and been part of countless negotiations, we know how to get you the best all around deal. We know the tactics that will be used against you. We know what to ask for to get the best terms. We can help you cut through all the sales BS while working as a strategic partner with your procurement team.

Empower Your Business with the
Right Technology

We help you pick the right technology that will solve the problem the first time, that people will actually use, and get it at the lowest possible cost.

We do this by following a programmatic approach:

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