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The Sales Tactician's Playbook

The Sales Tactician's Playbook

This comprehensive guide features 78 tactical plays spread across 146 pages, each directly correlating to a section of DealDoc. If you face challenges closing gaps in your deals, this book will give you the ideas you need to move your deal forward. It covers areas like creating momentum around the problem you are solving, comprehending your prospect's decision criteria and process, securing access to and aligning with key executives, crafting a compelling business case for immediate action, and negotiating high-value deals. This playbook will be your deal sherpa to guide every journey.


Free from theoretical jargon, this book presents invaluable, practical ideas—precisely the recommendations I would provide if you sought my assistance with a problem in your deal. Envision having access to a resource with experience running and influencing over 10,000+ deals, ready to help you navigate any challenge and propel your deal forward. This is that book.

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